Clinical Supervision for Social Workers (LCSW) or School Social Workers

Clinical supervision for social workers seeking their clinical license (LCSW) and/or consultation support for School Social Workers is available for individuals, groups, or school districts.

With a background in education administration, program evaluation, and clinical social work, I understand the demands placed on social workers and education professionals. During supervision, your interests and experiences will be used to help you establish a more efficient,  effective, and rewarding practice while reducing your stress.

Clinical supervision may take place at the Barrington office or another agreed upon location.

Program Evaluation and Educational Consulting

Educational consultation services make the process of implementing change and assessing progress easy and less intimidating. Work “smarter, not harder” when addressing your unique needs.  We will help you promote your strengths, identify areas for achievable growth, and show you simple ways to collect and analyze data. You’ll receive on-going support to ensure your goals are met and achievements get highlighted.

Areas commonly addressed through consultation or professional development include (but is not limited to):

  • Assessing, implementing discipline policies
  • Developing student support systems (MTSS, intervention)
  • Behavior consultation
  • Parent engagement
  • School culture
  • Outreach with reluctant or hidden populations
  • Communication
  • Attendance
  • Academic performance
  • Social-emotional development
  • After-school programming